On Saturday, March 20, from 9 am until 5 pm, myself and small crew of angels dismantled 5 crates measuring 4′ t X 4′ w X 15′ l, AND 10, 10 foot wooden tubes with light fixtures for use in making gardens for the Community Support Programs of Project AngelFaces!! Wow! It was a gorgeous day, and we worked ourselves very, very hard, and had loads of fun!! We gathered materials to build a total of 8 enormous garden boxes, more than twenty 3′ containers, and an entire greenhouse, complete with shelves and lights for growing the nursery! Wow!~

A heartfelt thanks to Diane Boles, Mr. and Mrs. Shaun and Stephanie Abel, Viv Lynn, Daniel Harris, Nikki Blake, Lisa Champagne, David Curtis, Tyler, all the folks at Greener Vegas, and my fiscal donors: Daniel Harris, Diane Boles, Abbi Mc Bride and Denise Halvorson for making this day possible. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all. You are truly angels!

All for the love of making more gardens, it was worth the hard work and effort! More great pics of the day’s events to come…. and we still have more supplies at the Greener Vegas Warehouse awaiting another crew to help us unload at New Vista Ranch, too. Details to follow, soon… thanks for checking in!