On Saturday 17 April, from 7 am until 6:30 pm, over two hundred volunteers from throughout Las Vegas came to New Vista Ranch and gave the houses, and the garden, a makeover. The transformation is amazing and gorgeous! SO much work was done to improve the houses, and to bring the garden to it’s next level of potential productivity! If you visited the garden before that date, and you go see it now, you may not recognize the place.

All the beds are rearranged. There is no more grass or weeds. There is a beautiful wooden fence. We are still working on completing the transformation, and there is still much to do. I hope to see you all come visit and grow with us as we continue to build this garden, and this program, to serve the vulnerable in our community.

Special thanks to the following businesses that supported our work on this fantastic day: Schilling Horticulture Group and it’s employees, Lowe’s, Vista Rock and Landscape, Dwyer Engineering, New Vista Community, and all the clubs of Kiwanis from all over Las Vegas who joined us in the fun and worked so hard! Also, special thanks go out to McBride Magic and Mystery School for your generous contribution that enabled us to purchase some compost to amend the free dirt that we procured to fill the new beds! In addition, I want to honor my team leaders for the day: Tuan Pham, husband extraordinaire, Shaun and Stephanie Abel, ¬†William Reymond, Daniel Harris and Francisco Soto-Angeles of Las Vegas Urban Farms, Susan Hass and Jennifer Von Bork of the Master Gardeners, and my photographer, Elaine Chen.¬†Your contributions make a difference, and you are helping to build a lasting system that helps support the New Vista Community and the Gardeners who tend this garden.

You are all angels! I will see you at the next event, and thank you again for your participation with Project AngelFaces!