Dear Angels, this is a heartfelt Thank You to Angela Antonio and her Mother! These ladies came out this past Saturday, and joined myself, the tireless Anne Lynne (my most dedicated supporter of late, lucky us!), and Rick Barrett, (my personal saviour) in our work toward improving the Garden of Project AngelFaces at New Vista Ranch. This is also a very special THANK YOU!!! to Kevin Tuttle, who donated the use of his equipment and skills to help us move the compost bin system (and the compost!) for this garden. Kevin gets special thanks for coming out and helping us on his birthday!!! I was very moved, and am still very grateful to Kevin, and everyone, who came out and worked so hard with me on Saturday. We did work really, really hard, but we got so very much accomplished! Thank you so much!

There is, as always, more to do in the garden, though, so please, mark your calendars for the next event in the New Vista Garden! On Saturday, November 20th, from 9 am to 1 pm, we’ll be hard at work again, and we need you to join us! We have a lot of fun while we’re working this hard, and many hands make light work for all, so come and join us in our working fun!