Hello there, Angels! Who’s coming to join us tomorrow at Old Henderson Garden of Project AngelFaces from 9 am -Noon? We are set to build more Garden beds, work on the irrigation, and prepare some seedling grow nurseries for transport to their new homes. 

If you don’t have the address of the Old Henderson Garden, please message me.

We put notice out for this event recently, and haven’t heard anything back from you, Angels. Are you planning on coming out? We need to know for sure, because if you are not, Rhonda K. cannot do this work alone. Since she has been a bit ill this week, if we do not have solid confirmed RSVP’s from the Host of Angels, this event will be postponed! 

So please, join us if you can, and let us know your plans to do so, otherwise we won’t be onsite at Old Henderson at 9 am or at all tomorrow! I hope that you will come, and that you’ll let me know you’re coming! Please message me by this evening, midnight at the latest. 

I hope to hear from you, and to see you tomorrow!
Rhonda K. 702.460.9261