Come join us for Garden Club!!

   Spring ‘14 GARDEN CLUB
Garden Club is at 5712 E. Missouri Ave Las Vegas, NV 89122
Friday 7th, 3pm-6pm
Wednesday 12th, 3pm-5pm
Saturday 15th, 8am-2 pm: Site Cleanup at Old Henderson!
Friday 28th, 4pm-6pm
Friday 14th, 4pm-6pm
Wednesday 19th, 3pm-5pm
Friday 28th, 4pm-6pm
Wednesday 2nd, 3pm-5pm
Friday 11th, 4pm-6pm
Wednesday 16th, 3pm-5pm
Friday 25th, 4pm-6pm
Wednesday 30th, 3pm-5pm
Friday 2nd, 4pm-6pm
Friday 16th, 4pm-6pm
Wednesday 21st, 3pm-5pm
Friday 30th, 4pm-6pm

This Saturday, 15 Feb 2014, from 9 am – 1 pm: Site Clean Up at Old Henderson Materials Storage!!!

Join us at 1110 E. Warm Springs Rd. Henderson NV 89015 to help us clean up and organize our materials. Students from AMSA as well as others from the Host of Angels will be on hand, and we need your help, too! Bring your friends! Wear clothes to protect you from the elements: Closed toed shoes, long pants, sun protection, sunglasses, handkerchief, water bottle. No children under 10 years old, please.

contact: Rhonda K. with any questions, and we will see you Saturday! Thank you for spreading the word!

On our Composting Services…

We are delighted that composting has  become an important sustainable living practice for so many families! Good Job on making composting a way of life for your family!

If we have been turning your compost for you or your family, we need you to support our work, please!! Please make a donation using the paypal links so we can continue to turn your compost for you. 

Beginning 1 May, 2014, we will no longer provide this service for free. You will be able to learn how to turn your family’s compost in our Fully Self Service option, if you choose. Otherwise, choose from one of the following options, which best suits your needs.

Fee schedules for Composting Sustainability Services are as follows:

$25.00/month for Full Service= PAF picks up your full compost buckets, up to twice a month, and drops off clean empty buckets, and PAF turns your compost for you.

$12.00/month for Drop-Off Service= You drop off your family’s full buckets to PAF headquarters and pick up clean empty buckets, and PAF  turns your compost for you.

No Fee for Fully Self Service= You come over to the Garden of Project AngelFaces at Whitney Recreation Center and learn how to empty and clean your family’s compost for yourself using our open-to-the-public compost system. You must be properly trained to engage in this level of service.

If you choose Fully Self Service…We are happy to arrange your training at a convenient time for you. Just let us know when you’d like to come over and learn, or just come to one of our regularly scheduled Garden Club events (bring the kids!). You can learn while volunteering and having fun with us in the Garden at Garden Club.

Of course, it might be just as easy for you to put our trainees to work, and let us handle your compost for you. The best part is that you get to choose which option best suits your family’s needs, and you get to keep living more sustainably through composting!

Support our efforts to create jobs for our most underserved through Sustainability Systems. Turning your compost can turn life around for the better for veterans and the developmentally disabled!