At Project AngelFaces, We Cultivate Hope and Compassion for the Future. Our mission is to create sustainable social change by increasing nutritional access across socioeconomic standards. Our programs reduce waste and wastefulness, and create infrastructure for sharing our abundance.

We are a multi-faceted social service organization that works to improve quality of life in our community. We teach organic gardening skills, harvest local fresh fruits and vegetables from neighborhood gardens, and share the harvest with at-risk seniors, youth, and other vulnerable citizens in need.

At Project AngelFaces, we believe in the abundance of our world; there is more than enough for all citizens to have access to healthful nutrition to support healthy lives.  We use repurposed materials for building raised garden beds and to supply materials for other programs where applicable, making the best use of local resources. Our Community Support Programs teach organic gardening skills, with a focus on rehabilitation and skills-building for vulnerable populations. We weave together our broader community, and grow compassion, while working together to make life sweeter and more sustainable for all.

Project AngelFaces was born of the inspirations of our Founder and Director, Rhonda K. Click here to read more about how she came to create Project AngelFaces.