Grow your own organic food!

Private Urban Gardens

Project AngelFaces builds raised-bed garden boxes from repurposed wood. This reduces our wastefulness, lowers our collective carbon footprint, and increases our sustainability. Order yours today! Custom-designed for your garden dream, we provide management and consultation services for the design, installation, and management of private organic gardens. Initial consultation is free! Contact us to get started today.

We grow local sustainability through growing organic food locally on private property. Throughout the neighborhoods of the community, homeowners and the collective of people they choose (the tribe) build and maintain urban organic gardens and small-scale orchards with the help and guidance of Project AngelFaces.

The homeowners agree to incur the cost of construction and instruction, maintain strict organic practices, and follow PAF guidelines for seasonal crop rotation, including seed propagation. They also agree to share 10% of their seasonal harvest with Project AngelFaces, as well as volunteer or contribute to PAF wish list. PAF agrees to support homeowners throughout the whole process, from the first inspiration through planting, harvesting, and seasonal changes in crops. We agree to share our resources and information on who the homeowners harvest is benefitting in the community.


Property owners who are interested in lowering carbon footprint by increasing sustainable practices at home.

Family, Community,Tribe

Those who are invited by the homeowners to assist in the maintenance of the gardens.

Organic Garden Coach

Project AngelFaces staff member who teaches organic gardening skills, shares resources for construction of each garden, and helps to inspire the shift to a more sustainable lifestyle.