Calling all Angels to send me your positive statements on Project AngelFaces, please!

Many of you may know, and may have nominated me yourselves (Thank You!!), for the L’Oreal Paris/Points of Light Institute’s Women of Worth Contest. This annual contest highlights and provides funding support for 11 women who win a nationwide competition that highlights their volunteer work in their communities. Everything that I do with and for Project AngelFaces is on a volunteer basis, and thus, I have been nominated. For the third year in a row (again, Thank YOU!!!), I have made the cut into the National Finalists; the top 30 women out of (this year) over 2000 contestants.

As part of the final judging, it has been requested that I include some quotes from those who participate in the programs I have created, or from those whom benefit from my work in our community. Would you please send me a few lines of how my work positively affects you? How does Project AngelFaces’ work make you feel? How does my work make you feel? Just a few lines, a short paragraph, will more than suffice, thank you.

I need these quotes immediately, and I apologize for the time-rush. I have just been informed of this, and the deadline to have this information out to Points of Light is by close of business eastern time zone tomorrow Thursday. Again, I apologize for the rush, and I thank you so much for getting your quotes back to me as soon as you can. Thank you so much for your continued support of my work, and wish me luck in this contest! If I win, and place in the top ten, Project AngelFaces will receive $5000.00. If I make the top National Honoree, Project AngelFaces will receive $25,000. That’s a load of sharing made possible, folks, so cross your fingers and toes, and thanks again for sending me your comments/quotes!

Light and Gratitude–

Rhonda K.