Community Support Gardens of Project AngelFaces

New Vista Ranch Garden

This is our premier Community Support Program, grown in partnership with New Vista, a local non-profit serving the needs of the intellectually challenged community so that they may live life to the fullest. This garden program teaches organic gardening and life skills to improve quality of life for trainees, through rehabilitative job training and employment opportunities in the sustainability industry. Pairing veteran and intellectually challenged trainees paves the way to employment, growing new hope for these most underemployed fellow citizens.

Whitney Recreation and Senior Center

Project AngelFaces created original programming for the children and elders of Whitney Recreation and Senior Center beginning in 2007 with Garden Club: Playful discovery of healthful nutrition for at-risk youth ages 6-12, 13-16, 17-19, and 20-22. At Garden Club meetings, at-risk youth learn about nutrition and organic gardening, socialization skills, and non-violent conflict resolution though learning with locally grown fruits and vegetables, and working in their organic garden. This program hopes to reduce patterns of violence and disease for poverty-stricken, at-risk children.

CSN Cheyenne Campus

Located on the Cheyenne Campus of the College of Southern Nevada, this program works to support low-income students by providing learning, leadership, community building, and scholarship opportunities to all student groups. In this way, we grow the tolerance and community unity on our Community College Campuses by providing interesting and fun environments for students from diverse backgrounds to come together in support of a common goal: learning how to build a garden, grow, prepare, and eat our own organic food.

UNLV Campus Community

Project AngelFaces is honored to be a member of the consulting committee which works to create the UNLV Campus Community Garden. Working with professors and professionals from colleges across UNLV, we are creating a platform for research and community outreach in the UNLV Campus organic garden. Look to the spring of 2014 to get involved with us in the garden at UNLV. 

Old Henderson Building Facility

We are deeply grateful for the support of Reverends Mr. and Mrs. Uwe and Sharon Proehl, and the Repurpose America family, for their generous support of our work. Our materials storage and build site is located on the Jesus Triumphant Christian Church Complex, and makes it possible for us to continue building ever more organic gardens using repurposed materials. These materials are diverted from the landfill from the convention industry through the hard work of Zachary Delbex and the Repurpose America Family. To the Reverends Proehl, we extend our most humble and heartfelt gratitude. 
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