Join the Host of Angels volunteers of

Project AngelFaces for a:

Pomegranate Harvest!

8:30 am – 2 pm 22 October 2011

Northwest Valley area: 3 properties

First Harvest Site:

7625 Desperado St.

Las Vegas, NV 89131

Second Harvest Site:

7445 Constantinople

Las Vegas, NV 89129

Third Harvest Site (pickup, only):

6333 Lorille Ln.

Las Vegas, NV 89108

We will begin near the intersection of Farm and Tenaya at 8:30 am. The length of time spent at each property depends upon how many of you Angels can show up to the fun of helping us harvest! Many hands make light, and quick, work for all, so come on out, and bring your friends!

Rhonda K. will bring what you need to harvest and collect/distribute the harvests. This will include baskets, scissors/garden pruners, gloves, and ladders.

You need to bring protection from the elements: long sleeves, gloves if you have them, long pants and closed toed shoes, a bandanna, a hat, and water. Pomegranate trees are spiky, so please don’t skip these important protection from the elements!

Please take my phone number with you! 702.460.9261 Call me if you are unable to find us. We may just be in the backyard harvesting fruit!

Children over 10 are welcome to join us. Younger children are discouraged from this event for safety reasons.

Thank you for joining our harvesting fun, and for supporting the work of Project AngelFaces~! See you Saturday!


If you are unable to join Project AngelFaces in the harvest, please consider extending your participation and support of our work by spreading the word to your networks, neighbors, and coworkers. Please consider letting folks know that if they have a tree ready to harvest (right now it will be pomegranates or pistachios), Project AngelFaces can help them harvest and share their fruit. Please consider encouraging your friends or networks to volunteer with us to harvest.

Subscribe to the feed and donate (Costco Cash cards for gas are super helpful, too!)  at; follow us on Facebook:; or follow us on twitter: ProjectAngelFaces @ShareAngelFaces. In whatever way you can, please consider this opportunity to Get Involved with Project AngelFaces and Cultivate Hope for the Future! (TM)