Hello Angels! This week I spent a good amount of time with our longtime supporter, amazing researcher/resource, and sweet sweet friend, Jenn Von Bork. Jenn, you will be so very much missed, but your caring and your support will live on in the generosity of the donations you have made to Project AngelFaces. Thank you so much for all you have done to contribute to the gardening community in Las Vegas. You have started a groundswell, and you have been so generous with sharing your talented research abilities as well as your passion for organic gardening. We cannot thank you enough for your kindness and willingness to take action and share. Merci Boucoup!

We are now the grateful caretakers of four new grapevines and several strawberry plants, courtesy of the Von Borks. We have carefully transplanted these very well loved and healthy plants out of their home at Jenn’s house, ¬†and they are being carefully tended in their temporary home until the time when we are ready to put them in their more permanent place in one of the Gardens of Project AngelFaces. We don’t yet know if they will all be in one place or just what, but we do know that we will take great care of them wherever they find their permanent placement. Thank you so much to Shaun Abel, and Francisco Soto-Angeles for your time and your efforts in helping us transplant these vines and plants!

This week we are asking for contributions from artists: if you have any pieces under $100 you are willing to donate to an upcoming fundraiser with New Vista Community, called Shabby $hic Sundays at Emergency Arts Downtown on the 16th.


We will have a space that will be raising funds specifically for the Garden of Project AngelFaces at New Vista Ranch at this exciting and fun event. Please contact me to deliver what art pieces you have to contribute by Wednesday at Noon. Thank you so much!

I will be publishing the calendar of events soon, so keep an eye out. I have received several great ideas so far, and I am still hoping to hear some more for our fundraiser party, so keep me posted, and don’t be afraid to let it be FUN!

Everyone is invited to join me on Tuesday for some creative fun time. We are making hand pressed flower cards to contribute to the fundraiser on the 16th, as well as Barely Panties Under G’s. It will be fun, we’ll have snacks, and I look forward to seeing how productive we can be! Keep Bessie in mind, too , as we are still looking for a good mechanic to complete her repairs. Also, soon, I’ll be posting up a call to assist us in transplanting a Meyer Lemon tree (also donated from the Von Borks… Thanks again!), named Mortimer. We’ll need a handful of strong folks for that one, and you will learn a lot during this transplant, as well.

Thanks everyone, and I look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you, soon!