Hello Angels! Happy New Year! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for being a part of Project AngelFaces. Your support makes my work possible, and is crucial to our success. Thank YOU!
Now that I have finished school (I graduated from UNLV in December Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Social Work degree), I am fully dedicated to growing Project AngelFaces even stronger. I hope to see you all at events upcoming at one of the gardens, or, come spring, in a fruit tree (or several). There will be a schedule posted up for the next 6 months of events, very soon. Please take a look at it, and mark you calendars, and RSVP!!!

Many of you may know of our immediate needs for the truck we have been donated, which I call Bessie. We are in need of a qualified mechanic to repair the radius arm and I beam bushings in the suspension. If you have a good mechanic, or are a good mechanic, and have the chance to offer up the work we need, please let me know, or connect me with your contact, so we can get this work done. Thank you!

We were in need of new tires, as well. I wanted to share with you the incredible generosity of a local merchant named Allen Ogas, Jr., at the Discount Tire Store on Marks Street in Henderson. I called around looking for take-offs that had any tread left on them, and one of the folks I chatted with sent out an email on our behalf to all the Discount Tire Stores with my request. Within an hour, Allen called me up, and I thought I was going over to get the take-offs. Take-offs are the tires they take off to be replaced with the new ones purchased by customers. Sometimes, they are not ruined or totally unusable, but still have a bit of life in them. Well, since the tires that were on Bessie were so bald they were smooth like my husband’s freshly shaven head, any tread would be better. So, I headed on over for some take-offs. Or so I thought….

When I arrived, Allen surprised me with his gift to Project AngelFaces. He BOUGHT four BRAND NEW TIRES for Bessie, and had his crew put them on for us. Bessie drives like she’s never driven with her new kicks! It is a dream come true. I never even dreamed to have such a showing of generosity, but I am truly grateful to Allen, and to Discount Tire, for this fantastic show of support! What a great way to start the New Year! Thank you SO MUCH, Allen! WOW! (i’ve been saying that for 12 hours now…)
We still have more work to do, and I hope that you all are up to the challenge. We need to raise some funds! We need to get Bessie up to specs on the rest of the mechanical work, and to get a warranty on those new tires, and to get insurance, and new plates and registration, not to mention all the soil and other supplies that are needed for the New Garden Club Garden we are constructing. So, This serves as a celebration and an invitation, in one.

I am calling All Angels together, for a fundraising event for PAF! I would like to have it in February, and I would like it to be fantastically fun! We already have two businesses supporting us with prizes for raffle, and are looking to bring in more of them. We  would like to have a party, with music and dancing and entertainment fun with a raffle for great, useful items/experiences. Please call me direct with your ideas, your support, and your offerings: 702.460.9261.

Allen had never met or heard of me or Project AngelFaces when he got the call, but he was willing and able to show strong support for us. I know how challenging these times can be. I also know that every small thing adds up to a whole ton of support, so please don’t think that any offering is too small. Please step up, answer the call, and Get Involved! Cultivate Hope for the Future, with Project AngelFaces, TODAY!
Thanks so much, Angels. Your support makes a difference.Light and Gratitude–Rhonda K.