Calling All Angels to the New Vista Garden Saturday, March 19th, from 9 am to 2 pm. Located at 7875 N. Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89131.

On this Saturday, we will work on planting seedlings into the first four beds, remove grass, and continue the transformation and installation of the upgraded garden plans. We will also work to install more irrigation lines. With the right team (those of you with carpenter skills and Tools– jig saws, and other power tools and the skills to use them), we can also start to create new containers for the meditation spaces from the repurposed materials we have on hand. Repurpose-building is a great creative outlet for those who like to build things!!

Water and Snacks provided, children over 10 are welcome; if under 10, please bring a friend to help look after little ones while we work so everyone can stay SAFE!

Please tell all your friends, because many hands make light work. Limited carpool is available; call me at 702.460.9261 to arrange a ride for you/your crew *(up to 5 folks, not including meself). We love to carpool, to increase our crew size, and to save resources!

We plan to work hard and have fun! Building gardens is a great team-building effort, a challenging and rewarding act of volunteerism.

Get Involved with Project AngelFaces. Together, we Cultivate Hope for the Future!(TM)