Masons of Jack Hayward Lodge #6 at Garden Club Henderson Garden of Project AngelFaces

Calling All Angels! Project AngelFaces is looking for some Champions!  

We have been so very blessed! We are growing and growing! For each program we have quite a wish list to fill. In order to complete the Community Support Gardens that we are currently building, we have events that need to have large turnouts of volunteers. We are helping improve quality of life for so many people, and we have so much potential to do so much more!!

We need to raise funds, gather donations, and build awareness to grow our volunteer roster, the Host of Angels. I am seeking a group of dedicated Champions that can come together in support of Project AngelFaces on a regular basis to help organize events and fundraisers, and organize volunteers to meet these needs. I am asking you to come to a planning meeting to see how you, your network of colleagues, or your organization can rise to this challenge and help us grow into our potential. 

Since 2005, Project AngelFaces has been my labor of love, and I have organized every single aspect of  its growth: every notice, invitation, email, public speech, event, fundraiser, and harvest has been organized by me personally. We average 100 events in every year! Though I have been gifted with many supporters and volunteers over the years (Thank YOU!!), I have been running the operations almost entirely on my own. I have built a good system, and a solid foundation; our roots are set. Four Programs are now working in conjunction, in cooperative collaboration, and are in motion. We have been blessed with so much growth that I must now gather up the champions to help me take this Angel to the sky and really soar. 

I can no longer keep up with all this wonderful opportunity on my own. I need your help. Do you think you might be able to help me? Would you like to try? We  are flexible, creative, empowered thinkers and we take action to make good things happen around us. Can we come together for Project AngelFaces? Will you be a Champion of our cause?

I surely hope that you can attend, and show your support for Project AngelFaces.  We have flexibility, so if there is a major conflict and you want to make it, let’s talk it out and find a date/location that works for you. I have tentatively set the following dates for our planning meeting: 
5 May Thursday 6 pm @ Green Valley Neighborhood Park; 1 block south of Pecos and Warm Springs, at the picnic tables on the west corner under the pine trees
19 May Thursday 6 pm @ Desert Breeze Park; Durango at Spring Mountain at the Desert Breeze Community Center
Thank you so much for your support of my work, and Project AngelFaces. I look forward to seeing you. If you have a colleague that may be interested in attending or supporting our work, please forward this invitation to him/her. Thank you, and Blessings!

LIght and Gratitude~~

Rhonda Killough  702.460.9261
Founder, Director
Project AngelFaces

Get Involved with Project AngelFaces and Cultivate Hope for the Future!