Hello Angels! Tomorrow’s event is cancelled. 

Thank you so much those of you who were able to respond to this request for tomorrow’s event. This particular garden is not far enough along in it’s creation to allow just a handful of us to accomplish much without power tools and the ability to do heavy lifting, though. So I will let myself rest and recover from this illness I’ve been dealing with this week, and I thank you all again for your willingness to come out. We will pick it back up again next month when we can be a larger crew, with more muscles and more power tools. :~>!

Again, please do not come out to the Old Henderson Garden located at 1110 E. Warm Springs Rd, Henderson, NV 89015 (or to Whitney Recreation Center, either… that’s where we have Garden Club with the children; it was mistakenly posted as the location for tomorrow’s event). If you have any questions, please message or call me.

Thank you, again, for your support and dedication. We’ll see you next time!
Enjoy your Saturday :~>!
Light and Gratitude–
Rhonda K.