These were a harvest from a couple years ago, and this same tree is ready to harvest now!

Let's not let this tree's harvest go to waste this year! Contact me asap to join the Harvest Party!

Hello Angels! I would first like to inform you all of the sweet success of our very first Party for a Purpose, which was hosted by our sweet angels, the Verderame Family, Maggie, Vincent, and their sweet little one, Melina. This was a fundraiser that Melina shared with her 2nd birthday, and we raised over $600.00 in funds, gift cards, and helpful materials (like buckets and gardening tools) to further our cause to reduce our waste, harvest more fruit, and grow more gardens in Las Vegas! Thank you to all who attended, and especially to the Verderame family, for hosting our first party. I invite you all to host your own Party for a Purpose in support of Project AngelFaces now! Its as easy as throwing a small simple gathering, and asking your guests to donate what they can to support our work. Feel free to email me for details, and I will show you how easy it is to help us raise much needed funds to further our work. Thank you!!  

Next, I am Calling All Angels! I am seeking volunteers for a Harvest Party to harvest ripe plums! We have two trees ready to harvest: one in Green Valley, and one near Lone Mountain. I can provide carpool/ride for up to 3 Angels to either side of town, and the times are flexible to your schedule. I have time this week in the morning, from as early as 8 am, on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday to harvest. If four to five of you angels can make it out, it will not take us more than one hour to harvest these trees! Many hands make light work easy! Morning harvests are relatively cool, making it possible~!

I am able to schedule this harvest to accommodate the scheduling needs of you, my Harvest Partyers! Please will you rise to this occasion? Harvest parties are so much fun, and we are sharing these fruits with elders and youth at risk in the valley who do not otherwise have any fruit in their lives!
Please help me prevent this fruit from being wasted, contact me right away to let me know when it will work best for you to join the Harvest Party FUN, and pick these delicious, nutritious plums to share with elders and youth at risk. Thank you so much!!
Also, if you have not already done so, please take a few moments to subscribe to the Project AngelFaces blog (, so that you will automatically receive these invitations and this information. I appreciate you doing that, as it simplifies the process of communicating with you for me.
In addition, if you have not already done so (*thank you so much, if you have!) please take a few moments to nominate me for the Women of Worth Contest by L’Oreal Paris and the Points of Light Institute. Visit and nominate me, Rhonda K. Killough, for Project AngelFaces. Its simple, easy, and has the potential to have between $10,000 and $25,000 awarded to Project AngelFaces! We can complete both our under-construction gardens (New Vista and Garden Club Henderson) as well as the two on the waiting list (Clark County Whitney Recreation Center Garden; CSN Cheyenne Campus Garden) with those winnings! We can feed so many elders and youth with all that food, just imagine it! I have included attached documents that have all the information you need to complete the nominations, so please, take a few moments to help us gain this much needed recognition and support!
Thank you!! Don’t forget: Contact me so we can harvest these plums asap!!!